Power Boomers Use Self-Directed IRAs

Many of us (yes, myself included) are in the baby boomer generation. But how many of you are “Power Boomers”? A Power Boomer knows what investments he wants in his portfolio and is not at the mercy of Wall Street. They know there are alternative investments available that can provide a diverse portfolio and allow them to invest in assets in which they have a broad knowledge base.

A self-directed IRA allows Power Boomers to invest in non-traditional assets. There is quite a variety available:

REITs (Real Estate Investments Trusts)
DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts)
Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Oil and Gas Investments
Mortgage Notes and First Deeds of Trust
Private Placements
Tax Liens
TICs (Tenants in Common)
Promissory Notes
Judgments/Structured Settlements
Car Notes
…and more
A widespread premise of alternative or non-traditional investments is that they are often anticipated to have a correlation with traditional investments therefore increasing the diversification of an investor’s portfolio.

Power Boomers are savvy investors that understand and want first hand knowledge of where their retirement money is going. With current layoffs and early retirement the 401(k) rollover market is growing at a rapid pace. This is Power Boomer money and will more than likely be invested into assets well known and understood. This generation will not settle to sit back and wait for the market return. They will take action, investigate and make power moves. Due diligence is easily performed when the investor is familiar with the asset.

Self-directed IRAs are a growing trend among smart investors. Disillusionment in the past year has brought with it a desire to be in control and know where retirement money is really going. With a self-directed IRA you make the decisions and choices as to what investments you deem proper.

Investing retirement money, i.e. IRAs and 401(k)s, in alternate investments requires a custodian that will allow these investments. Most major custodians will not. Even though they tout that they will allow a self-directed IRA it is normally still bound by the investments they offer. Power Boomers need a custodian that will cater to their special investment requirements of a self-directed IRA.

Provident Group was founded as a self-directed retirement plan custodian who prides itself on providing our clients with complete and innovative retirement solutions. Our clients want to be free to control their financial futures, we provide them the tools to realize those dreams…tax-deferred or tax free.

At Provident Group, we believe that you can still build a company on old-fashioned principles: honesty and integrity coupled with knowledgeable professionals. The Board of Directors is a seasoned group of professionals who specialize in helping you accomplish your goals. Our strength lies in providing our clients with the educational tools they may lack to make informed decisions about their financial future, as well as the types of investments that are available to them.

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