Network Marketing Tutorial – Learn the 4 Personality Types

If you’re not having a ton of fun with your Network Marketing business, this information about how to become a master of the 4 Personality Types is just for you.

Theories of Personality Types

Theories about the Personality Types have been around since Hippocrates. You might have heard them by other terms: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholy, and Choleric or Expressive, Amiable, Analytical, and Driver.

I’m going to teach them to you in a simple and fun way that I learned from my Mentors, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy. Never again, will you be bored when around people. The 4 Personality Types by Colors are:

BLUE — think Snoopy of Peanuts
YELLOW — think Charlie Brown of Peanuts
GREEN — think Linus of Peanuts
RED — think Lucy of Peanuts
To make Colors easier to understand, I will exaggerate a bit. Most people will be a combination of Colors, with one being their predominant Color. Also, a person might be predominately one Color at home and a different Color at work.
Why the Colors are important for Your Network Marketing Business

I will explain how each Color makes a unique contribution to your team. Ideally, you will want at least one team member from each of the 4 Colors, because each Color has their own strengths and your organization will be stronger as you learn to draw on each others strengths.

Are you thinking, ‘Wait a minute? When I was in school, I was tested. My teachers told me to work on my weak areas.’

Forget that. I’m going to teach you how to teach the members of your organization to work in their strengths. How does that feel?

This system allows people to contribute what they are good at and enjoy doing.

Would you like a good promoter in your organization? You want a BLUE.
Would you like someone who is great at developing tools? You want a GREEN.
Would you like someone who is a great trainer? You want a YELLOW.
Would you like someone who is great at getting results? You want a RED.
This touches on another trait of a strong organization. Robert Kiyosaki says, ‘Success is a Team Sport.’ Highly successful Leaders are not Lone Rangers. They learn to attract and work with a wide variety of people and are great at bringing out the best of others.
Draw a Diagram of the Colors

Take a sheet of paper. Draw horizontal and vertical lines to make 4 quadrants.

At the top, write Open (Hugger, talks about Family).
At the bottom, write Self-Contained (not Hugger, my Family is none of your business).
At the left, write Indirect (Listener).
At the right, write Direct (Talker).
In the top left quadrant, write YELLOW.
In the top right quadrant, write BLUE.
In the bottom left quadrant, write GREEN.
In the bottom right quadrant, write RED.
Brief Description of the 4 Colors
I’m just going to give a brief description of the 4 Colors here and go into each Color in greater detail in a separate article.

BLUEs are Open and Direct. Their motto is — Let’s have fun.
YELLOWs are Open and Indirect. Their motto is — Let’s be friends.
GREENs are Self–Contained and Indirect. Their motto is — Let’s get the facts and figures.
REDs are Self–Contained and Direct. Their motto is — Let’s get results.
It may be more difficult for you to identify your own Color than someone else’s. That’s not unusual. Don’t worry. It is much more important for you to identify the other person’s Color, because once you’ve identified their Color, I’m going to teach you how to speak their Secret Language.

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