Network Marketing Concept

Network Marketing is a growing industry that can create a successful lifestyle for those who have dreams and a long term mind set.

It’s a wave and not a trend! However, we have to be in the right market rather than just joining any Network Marketing or Direct Selling companies thinking that it will give us the opportunity to be successful in life.

Most of us joined the industries thinking that they can make big money! However it must be sensible, reasonable and the most important factor, it must be legal. Will you do it if you were to cheat or sacrifice your friends, relatives, etc. in order to be successful?

What is Network Marketing?

Many people have misinterpret it as SELLING or DISTRIBUTION of products. This is incorrect. Though the successful rate of SELLING is high, the failure rate is even higher. There are 2 factors that hindered your prospect to understand Network Marketing business or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) as what it is and not what other people think!

Attitude of Mind

When you think that you are going to close a case when you manage to arrange a meeting or appointment with a prospect, you better think twice. Experience taught me that most of the prospects that you met, have something in common.

These are some of what your prospects might have thought before meeting you.

Your prospect do not concentrate to what you are explaining.
Your prospect agreed to meet simply because they want to please you to maintain friendship.
Just pretending to listen to you but in their mind, they are thinking of ways to reject you. Even if they agree to purchase product, they will only spend the least expensive one.
They won’t be like you – an active distributor.
You thought you are doing NM, but the fact is you are actually doing distribution marketing producing inactive distributors under your direct line.
We have to remember and be clear to ourselves that we shall not depend on luck.
Mood and action of a New Distributor
Their action depends on their MOOD.
Try products first before sharing with other people.
Same action also practiced by their new friends.
This will lower down the success rate.
Therefore, in order to have a high success rate, we should not depend on other peoples mood.

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