Network Marketing Concept – Part 3

How to develop Teamwork

In order to succeed in Network Marketing, we must develop teamwork. It is one of the most effective MODEL of doing the business, the only different is the METHOD of doing it!


Everybody DO a bit and NOT SELL a bit!
Everybody is responsible for their own scope of work! The Beneficial Results will be high!
In network marketing, we are actually earning the output value from the beneficial results!
We will then achieved Geometric Growth as desired.
Scenario – Instead of you the only one who has to clean the house, get everyone to do it. You are leveraging and dividing the work and tasks accordingly. Not only you will get the job done faster, but the task are handled more effective and professionally done!
The Right Way of Developing Network Marketing
We do not need to recruit so many people! No need to have high qualified people! What we need is a good system in managing, training and educating People! It is not only about selling products. We are selling the business opportunity to people who dare to dream. People who have the desire to change their life and their family. People who what to have a successful life.

What makes a good Manager

It’s good a have a person with good managerial skills but that doesn’t means he or she is a good leader or vice-versa. We must also have a set of rules and regulations to follow – A SYSTEM or an ORGANIZATION. Having a good company, products or compensation plan does not guarantee success. We need a proper SYSTEM or a KNOW HOW. Example is driving a ferrari. We need to learn how to operate it before driving. What we need is a system to adapt.

Mutual Understanding

Help each other to succeed! Execution of common behaviour to succeed and not due to one person control! We need Mutual Benefits & Survivorship to create better future! In order not to focus more on selling products but to achieve a high success rate in growing our business, everyone in a team must have a mutual understanding to work together as a team!

Criteria to look for in a Company to represent

The are several criteria that you have to consider when choosing a network marketing company as your medium to succeed in the business. The most important criteria is the background of the Company that you have chosen! It must be Legal! The compensation plan and operating system must legally meet the direct sales requirement. It is highly recommended that the company is recognized by IDSA and is of International status and Global. The Company must also maintained high level in stability which is not affected by economic crisis i.e. SARS. The Compensation Plan shall be based on Worldwide Sales Volume – one quota. Basically, we should not have too many accounts or memberships in order to maintain our sales volumes outside our local market.

Criteria of Products

Having a good Company won’t be enough if we failed to look at the range of products. Do ensure that the products are of repeated usage, basic necessity, mid-range pricing, the security and safety aspects of the products especially for consuming such as supplements, and not forgetting the compensation plan of the Company.

Compensation Plan

Do our homework and compare the compensation plan with 3 other leading direct selling companies in the world. Please note that the returns cannot commensurate with the efforts we put in! We can provide the same amount of efforts but we can achieve different results. We must remember that we are not earning from our friends or relatives! We are earning from the Network Marketing business! It’s the company that pays us and not the money earned by our downline!

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