Marketing That Cannot Be Ignored, Turned Off, Or Deleted – It is Possible! 7 Ways to Make it Happen

For companies big and small, you have begun on your journey to attract new clientele, to sell more products, and to keep your current clients loyal. Welcome to the ever-changing and quite complex world of marketing. I hope to make it easier on you by pointing out these seven ways to stand out above your competitions marketing clutter. And get this…it’s neither expensive nor difficult and you can start immediately!

1. Create a direct mailing piece that won’t find its home in the trash can. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, “Every U.S. Household gets six pieces of junk mail per day”. That means junk mail produces over “one billion pounds of landfill every year! ” Instead of contributing to this sad phenomenon, try sending an odd-shaped or bulky package or envelope that will be placed on your prospects desk. For example, I had an idea of mailing a Chinese take-out box and inside included a fortune cookie that read “The future of your company looks promising, with our help.” It included my company’s logo under it, and on the back side of the fortune it read “Lucky number:” and it was really my direct phone number. So you see, a direct mailing piece needs to be creative and unusual in order for you to stand out from the flat mailings… then you are sure to get some attention!

2. Create a fun and interactive Tradeshow booth to attract attention & remain memorable. 83% of tradeshow attendees have buying power, according to Merchant Circle. That’s a huge number of potential clients passing by your booth because you look and sound identical to the 5,000 booths surrounding you. So how do you create a fun and exciting booth environment? Well, start with the basics similar to when you were a kid. GAMES! You liked games when you were 5 and admit it…you still like games. For example, at a professional Medical device tradeshow, I suggested to one of my clients that they set up a Plinko game. Depending on where the Plinko piece ended, the player had the opportunity of winning a branded prize or a USB drive loaded with the company’s information on it. In no time, the company would not only be drawing a crowd of people around their booth who wanted the next chance to play, but they were also receiving the opportunity to speak to their prospects and pass out information in a fun way!

3. Take the opportunity to satisfy current clients in an unexpected way. We are all victims of being sold an item with great customer service and by the sales person who has great concern and care for you, until the bill or invoice comes. And then you’re just another client who owes money. Instead, try sending a branded thank you gift, or a hand-written appreciation letter along with the invoice. After all, it’s just one more opportunity that you have to satisfy and “wow” your current clients that you or your competitors probably haven’t been taking advantage of.

4. Take advantage of your client’s personal information. Compile a list of all of your client’s birthdays and send them a gift that is useful to them near their special day. But don’t forget to include your logo or brand information on the item, so when they are using your gift all year round, they’ll never forget for a second who or where they got it from.

5. Get your current clients to help you grow your business. Referrals are hands down the greatest compliment any company can receive. Let your customers know that if they refer a client that makes a certain amount of sales for you or your company, they will be greatly rewarded. For example, I suggested to one of my professional beauty supply clients that they set up a dining rewards program. If one of their current happy customers refers them to a friend who spends over $5000 in products, they will send their client branded gift card of any amount to one of 10,000 restaurants of their choice. The same can be done with branded movie tickets, music downloads, cell phone skins, and much more. So in the end, the client is super happy that you appreciate them and you are happy because you have just increased your sales!

6. Drive clients and prospects to your website. A web button with a 3 port hub is an innovative way to keep your company’s name on top of anyone’s desk and in their mind. Your clients/prospects use the hub for their own needs and when they think of your company or need to visit your site…they simply push down on the button and the internet browser automatically takes the client to your website!

7. Use apparel to advertise your brand. Gone are the days where you would hand out a plain bulky white t-shirt with your logo in the middle and hope that people would wear it. Vintage shirts and all-over branding are extremely popular right now. If you are unaware of it…get into the game! We now have the ability to create custom t-shirts for all sexes using your brand as the focus. Try using your logo in a modern, colorful design or printing on odd parts of the shirt. Prospects and clients love to sport a shirt that is cool…but little do they know; they’re sporting your brand too!

I challenge you to try using at least one of these techniques and see how it will affect your business relationships or how it will increase sales. Whatever it is you decide to do with marketing, stay open minded and optimistic! The marketing world is constantly changing. Good luck.

Karen Silvers is an Account Executive and Tradeshow Specialist in the promotional products and marketing industry. She works for one of the top 10 promotional marketing companies in the U.S. Mentored by another extremely successful A.E. in the company, she started as an intern, then moved to Business Development manager, and then to Account Executive in under one year, a groundbreaking concept in this particular organization. Her biggest strength is relationship building and creating promotional marketing programs specifically to fit the needs of a project or client. She currently specializes and assists companies in creating the highest ROI for tradeshows and events.

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