Improve Your Marketing Efforts With Customer Service

Customer service bridges the gap between your products and potential customers. If your customer service is lacking, your ability to promote your product or service will also suffer. Directly speaking with the consumer is an effective way to have an opportunity to sell that product or idea. Train your marketers properly, and you will make the most of your customer service efforts.

Utilize calls that come into you. Whether your company uses cold calling or not, it is still important to focus on incoming calls as a tool for marketing. The call will be focusing his attention on you while he’s called you, so this is the time to present your newest business offers to him on the line. Concentrate on the specific merchandise that the caller is interested in to improve your opportunities. Beware of the pre-recorded sales spiel, though: If your customer is already angry, he is not going to want to hear about products while on hold.

Teach your employees to be informed sellers. Teaching your customer service reps how to successfully sell your products will improve your marketing efforts. It’s best to let your representatives help to sell your products instead of just ringing up customers or handling phones. Since customer service representatives have the advantage of direct communication with the customer, make sure that they understand the good points about the products and services you offer. Your employees should be trained to recognize whether a caller is interested in a product or service and be able to market the product by discussing its pros and cons. Show your customer service representatives how to ‘up sell’ once they have mastered this. Upselling is where the rep makes a suggestion for a better or more costly item that would suit the buyer. If you use a little pressure and a lot of professionalism, this kind of direct marketing is a sure bet.

It’s of the utmost importance that you have a friendly customer service staff. The best way to retain customers is by making them feel respected by every member of your team. The service you provide needs to be friendly and flexible. Work through any problems with the customer to ensure that he remains happy. You can be sure that one satisfied customer will talk to five other people about the positive experience he had with your company. This is the best kind of marketing available to you. The key to successful marketing is ensuring that your customer service associates are well-versed in treating a customer in the manner in which he would expect to be treated.

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