7 Top Benefits of a Direct Marketing Franchise

Looking for a business to business franchise opportunity that provides multiple revenue streams and monthly repeat business potential? A direct marketing franchise, combined with your previous sales and general business experience and your passion for building business relationships within your local community, puts you at the helm of your own marketing consulting empire.

As a franchisee, you work with local business owners in developing cost-effective, customized marketing solutions that helps your client grow their business. You’ll assist your client in creating top-notch offers that will drive targeted traffic to his location. At the same time, you provide your clients with the valuable, effective tools that will maximize the return on their advertising investment. 

An attractive feature of a direct marketing franchise is the fact that you, the franchisee, are provided with all of the necessary ingredients to operate a thriving business, including the design, creation, and printing of the marketing pieces and coupons. Some franchisors furnish you with exclusive ad-building software, allowing you to create custom ads right on your laptop. So, no, you don’t need to be an artist to succeed. 

Several direct marketing franchises are well-known for their fantastic training and support which they provide.  They typically start with an intensive one to two weeks initial training at the company’s headquarters.  Then, you’ll be provided further “in the field” training at your location by a member of the franchisor’s training department, along with ongoing support via intranet and teleconferencing.

Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with a direct marketing franchise business:

Low initial investment and fast start-up. You can be in business for under 40k.

Home Based. No need for a brick and mortar location, as a home office works perfectly. This saves you tens of thousands of dollars. 

Flexible lifestyle. As a B2B franchisee, you’ll be working traditional business hours, 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. 

Assistance in generating clients. You’re provided with highly effective lead generation techniques and appointment-setting strategies by the franchisor.

Relationship-driven business. Not only will you enjoy the prestige that comes with building business relationships, you’ll generate even more business from the referrals you’ll receive from your satisfied clients. Free leads!

Multiple income streams. Ability to offer a wide variety of marketing solutions to your clients that are tailor made for their unique business challenges.

Repeat business.  Once you demonstrate the effectiveness that your advertising and marketing strategies have had on their bottom line, your clients will naturally be calling on you for additional campaigns.

Direct marketing franchises are a very necessary business type.  All businesses that want to profit and thrive need guidance with cost-effective, successful marketing strategies.  Truthfully, most business owners are more than willing to invest in an expert that can show them how to bring in new customers and grows the business.  

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