How outsourced services can benefit large enterprises

Outsourcing key services can be seen as a risky move when it comes to large businesses. A large enterprise has a lot to lose including market share, established revenue streams and hard-won brand loyalty. Handing any aspect of the business to an external agency with the risk of comprising quality or service, is a tough choice.

So why outsource?

Ironically, as the size and success of a business grows, it is increasingly limited in its ability to try new approaches, evolve and adapt to fend off younger, challenger organisations nibbling away at its market share.

By outsourcing selected functions, an enterprise can have the best of both worlds, maintaining established revenue streams and approaches, whilst simultaneously testing and benchmarking new strategies through a flexible outsourced resource.

Let’s look at the benefits of outsourcing a telemarketing/sales function:


Recent events have shown us that the ability to adapt and pivot is critical for a business to survive and thrive.

Larger businesses are often less agile, with resources fully utilised or constrained by legacy systems and processes. This lack of flexibility can limit their capacity to test and refine strategies, react to market changes and stay competitive, particularly in fast-moving, technology sectors, or when faced by more nimble challenger firms. An outsourced agency, integrated with internal teams but with fewer constraints, can extend the agility of any large enterprise.


Many large businesses are active in regulated sectors where they need to be 100% compliant to industry standards and codes of practice, which can often change with minimal notice. To avoid financial penalties and reputational damage, large firms must be able to react quickly and remain compliant with current regulations.

A telemarketing/sales agency with the right industry credentials can support those needs, for example communicating policy shifts to customers in a timely manner, handling inbound queries around a new procedure or by running a comprehensive TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) compliance programme.

Proof of concept

With multiple stakeholders involved, the decision-making process within a large enterprise can be complex and any significant change must be supported by a robust business case.

If internal resources are constrained, an outsource agency can deliver a solid proof of concept to make the case for a change of direction or major investment. Systematic testing of different approaches means an enterprise can test and optimise externally and then adopt the most proven approach in-house, safe in the knowledge that the decision is based on reliable data.


A feed of accurate and actionable insight is essential to inform any business strategy and to drive growth.

A specialist agency has configurable systems that provide full visibility and deep insight to feed strategy. An outsourced telesales team for example will apply a structured and systematic approach whereby agents track pipeline, capture conversation notes and Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback within a dedicated calling platform. They will also have frameworks that provide transparency and share insight such as real-time reporting, call recordings, and data management tools.


If an opportunity presents itself, a larger, less agile enterprise may not be able to react quickly and ramp up resources to maximise returns. Recruiting and on boarding new staff with the right skills can be time consuming and labour intense.

Outsourcing to a specialist agency, allows a larger business to quickly extend their team and scale programmes as soon as opportunities are identified. Using an external agency also avoids commitment to long-term investment where needs are short-term, may fluctuate or in the early stages of a programme when it is more liable to fail.

Specialist skills

A lack of skills is a significant barrier to enterprises who need to evolve and grow their strategic capabilities. Finding and recruiting individuals with the right skills can be problematic, however, particularly in the current climate.

An outsourced solution can provide ready access to domain or industry-specific skills such as language skills or Inside Sales expertise that are often hard to find and retain. Having the right skills in place can also protect brand reputation, by maintaining standards, ensuring compliance and high quality sales and service.

Management bandwidth

A programme in its infancy tends to absorb greater management overhead than one that has reached steady state. Large strategic projects involving a sizeable resource often divert senior management away from the core priorities of the business, particularly during set up phase.

In these instances, an outsource partner can extend that bandwidth with experienced managers and proactively drive programmes whilst still providing full transparency to the in-house team through dedicated reporting, data and analytics.

Strategic partnership

These are just some of the benefits available through an outsource solution that can potentially deliver a strategic advantage to large enterprises.

A specialist outsource agency working as an enterprise partner, integrated with the in-house team, can add value with expertise and experience developed across multiple sectors, programmes and propositions. A trusted partner, they bring new ideas and fresh thinking, help test preconceptions and challenge assumptions and, with specialist skills, insight and agility, help large businesses overcome barriers to growth and maintain their competitive edge.

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Advantages, Risks, and Solutions for Physician Real Estate Investing

After the great economic depression and stock market crash in 2008, the trend of investment has gone through a never-before change. And as of today, the property market has come out to be the steadiest investment vehicle for common people to professionals.

However, to maximize your ROI, you need to put your money in the property business only after thorough research about its future potential. Being a highly occupied, promising healthcare professional, if you are on the quest for a stable physician real estate investing option, like to explore the benefits of real estate investments, risk factors, and solutions keep reading the article to get all your answers right away

Safe Investment Option: Real estate is the safest way to invest your money over stocks, bonds, precious metals, or cryptocurrencies. However, taking into account your lack of knowledge in the realty market, lack of time, and busy professional life as a physician, joining a property crowdfunding operated by distinguished sponsors makes sense to avoid loss in investment.

Cash Flow: one of the major plus points of investing in real estate is that it offers solid and steady cash flow. The cash flow is typically apprised from you net income that you earn out of your investment after paying your mortgage and other operating costs. When investing in crowdfunding, the solidity of its cash flow enriches your passive income source even after meeting all expenses related to mortgage and other costs.

Passive Income: Although you have many options to invest in the property business or others to generate passive income, crowdfunding is always a better choice. For instance compared to RITEs whereas – being an investor, you don’t know where your money is invested, or their underlying risks, working with a reputable crowdfunding project lets you know your options of investing in various opportunities, have access to the property, and helps you earn passive income for 24/7 without putting any effort or time.

Tax Benefits: A good reason why people nowadays prefer investing in real estate is that it allows them to get tax exemption on their incomes from properties. In addition, the authorities allow tax breaks on property depreciation, insurance, maintenance costs, and others. As you involve with trusted crowdfunding as a passive investor, you become eligible by the IRS to get a special tax advantage on your passive income.

Inflation-Hedge: Another great advantage of physician real estate investing is that lies in its hedge against inflation. Most interestingly, during high inflation, the value of your stake in property crowdfunding increases significantly. And, therefore, to real estate investors, inflation is highly greeted.

Risk Factors and Key

It is worth remembering that although investing in real estate can be advantageous from different viewpoints, it could be extremely risky too. For instance, when it comes to the liquidity factor, while stocks, bonds, or cryptocurrencies have more liquidity, the lack of liquidity of your property happens to be a nightmare for property owners. But don’t worry! To minimize your risk and maximize your passive income, find physician real estate investing in crowdfunding ventures.

Advantages of Crowdfunding

• You participate in the project as a passive investor and become a shareholder of the project, although you don’t have to spend your time or effort on the functioning of the project.

• Even without having Zero experience in the real estate market, joining a sponsor with a long background in the industry helps you invest in high-value most prospective properties.

• Crowdfunding works as a joint venture to gather capital to acquire high-value commercial properties that promise higher returns. Therefore, now you can put your money in such high-yield potential properties that you cannot invest on your capability.

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Tips To Grow Your Medical Practice Business

Expansion is important for any business, and when it comes to medical practice, it can be the difference between thriving and just getting by. GPs need to think about how they are going to grow their business; are you thinking of expanding your services? Adding a new location? Launching a telemedicine platform?

According to practice management consultants, there are many ways to grow a medical practice, but before you can do that, you need to make sure that your foundation is solid. Here are some tips on growing your medical practice:

Make sure you have a strong patient base. This may take time, but it is important to focus on building relationships with patients and providing them with quality care.
Offer additional services. If you are not offering everything that your patients need, they will go to someone else. Find ways to add value to your services and keep up with the latest trends.
Expand your practice. This may seem like an obvious one, but it is important to have a solid business plan in place before you take the plunge. Do your research and make sure you are ready for what comes next.
Network with other professionals. Building relationships with other healthcare professionals can be beneficial for both you and your patients. You may learn about new technologies or treatments, while your patients will appreciate having access to a broader range of care options.

Growing a medical practice takes time and effort, but if you focus on providing quality care and expanding your services, you will be well on your way to success.

Make sure your website is up to date with your new business

GP consulting firms say that a business website is one of the most important things you need to expand your medical practice. Many patients search online for information before making an appointment with a doctor or selecting their healthcare provider, so it is key that they can find all the information they are looking for on one site.

Make sure you have updated and relevant photos and information about yourself as well as members of your clinic staff who care for your patients regularly.
You will want to include current photographs and testimonials from past and satisfied customers to show off how much people enjoy working with you and visiting your business. Don’t forget about including contact details like phone number, email address, hours open etc., and social media links (if applicable) are also useful in helping boost awareness about what services are offered at this location.
Offer online appointment booking.
Make your website user friendly and easy to navigate. Make sure you include all the information that potential clients may need like office hours, location maps, payment options etc.

Get a social media account and start following medical professionals in the area

Be present on social media channels. Use hashtags that are relevant for your practice. You can also use these hashtags when sharing posts from other medical professionals so they know who you are. This is a great way to network with local doctors as well as gain exposure at no cost to yourself. Social likes, shares and retweets will help boost awareness about what services are offered by this business online through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Some medical professionals are hesitant to use social media because they think it is a waste of time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach new patients and connect with potential customers. It is also a great way to stay connected with your current patients, who can then spread the word about your practice to their friends and family members.

Start networking at local events that are relevant to you, such as conferences or seminars

Networking events are important for a GP in order to learn about the latest industry news and connect with other professionals. Attending these events will help you to build relationships with others in your field, which can lead to future business opportunities.

Be sure to take advantage of online resources as well. There are many websites and forums that are dedicated to helping medical professionals grow their businesses. These resources can provide you with valuable information on topics such as marketing, patient management, and financial planning.

Create an email marketing campaign for potential clients

Email marketing campaigns are also a good way of making people aware about your medical practice business. You can send out regular emails that highlight the services that you offer, and provide potential clients with information on how to get in touch with you.

Offer free consultations to help people get started with their treatments

Another good way to attract more patients to your practice is by offering free consultations. This will give people an opportunity to speak with you and get started on their treatments as soon as possible.

Expanding your GP practice is important in order for you to continue providing high-quality services to your patients. By following the tips mentioned above, you can grow your business and continue serving the community. Remember to always put your patients first and provide them with the best possible care.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Take the Fast Lane to Financial Freedom With Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make extra money online is by becoming an affiliate marketer for a website or individual who is trying to sell things online. There are hundreds of sites where you can find others who are looking to sell eBooks and other goods online but need someone to promote them. It does not cost you anything to become an affiliate marketer and you can even do this in your spare time, making it a great way to earn some additional income.

Affiliate marketing is especially good if you are new to online businesses and are just trying to get a better grasp of internet marketing. You will need to either start your own website that showcases the products of your affiliate partner or you could promote the product or products through forums, blogs and link posting. Have you ever noticed links that are posted on forums that direct people to another site? This is one of the ways that affiliates use to direct traffic to their site.

All you really need to do is to set up a website and sell products from major retailers. When a customer visits your site and decides to buy from you, they will be directed to the specific store from where they will have to make the purchase. The sale is recorded against your site but you do not have to handle the product or the sale. If you have a website online, affiliate marketing is just one of the ways that you can make extra money online.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 59-page Report:

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Network Marketing Concept

Network Marketing is a growing industry that can create a successful lifestyle for those who have dreams and a long term mind set.

It’s a wave and not a trend! However, we have to be in the right market rather than just joining any Network Marketing or Direct Selling companies thinking that it will give us the opportunity to be successful in life.

Most of us joined the industries thinking that they can make big money! However it must be sensible, reasonable and the most important factor, it must be legal. Will you do it if you were to cheat or sacrifice your friends, relatives, etc. in order to be successful?

What is Network Marketing?

Many people have misinterpret it as SELLING or DISTRIBUTION of products. This is incorrect. Though the successful rate of SELLING is high, the failure rate is even higher. There are 2 factors that hindered your prospect to understand Network Marketing business or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) as what it is and not what other people think!

Attitude of Mind

When you think that you are going to close a case when you manage to arrange a meeting or appointment with a prospect, you better think twice. Experience taught me that most of the prospects that you met, have something in common.

These are some of what your prospects might have thought before meeting you.

Your prospect do not concentrate to what you are explaining.
Your prospect agreed to meet simply because they want to please you to maintain friendship.
Just pretending to listen to you but in their mind, they are thinking of ways to reject you. Even if they agree to purchase product, they will only spend the least expensive one.
They won’t be like you – an active distributor.
You thought you are doing NM, but the fact is you are actually doing distribution marketing producing inactive distributors under your direct line.
We have to remember and be clear to ourselves that we shall not depend on luck.
Mood and action of a New Distributor
Their action depends on their MOOD.
Try products first before sharing with other people.
Same action also practiced by their new friends.
This will lower down the success rate.
Therefore, in order to have a high success rate, we should not depend on other peoples mood.

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Cost Effective YouTube Channel Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Marketing Results

Nielson Net Ratings reported in 2008 that YouTube has over 68 million unique visitors per month and has the 6th largest visitor audience in the U.S. (ahead of eBay, Amazon and Wikipedia). More than 2/3 of the U.S. population over the age of 25 has watched a YouTube video and 91% of users have purchased something online. YouTube represents a very powerful marketing channel and opportunity for exposure on the net.

There are ways to tap into this immense audience with big ad spend, however I will focus on more cost effective “organic” tactics. These require time but not a direct cash outlay. For the purposes of this article, I will assume that you have already created a branded YouTube channel and are now looking for ways to leverage your channel, broaden your reach and increase your subscriber base. (If you are new to YouTube and have not yet built your channel, the YouTube help center is a great place to start.)

The first step in maximizing the effectiveness of your YouTube channel is to take a step back and examine your purpose for marketing on YouTube. Is it traffic, distribution, brand? Once you have established a firm purpose, you can begin to put together a targeted plan of attack. Your channel design should reflect your purpose and it is necessary to regularly to take a look at your layout, logo, images and profile information. Make sure your design adequately reflects your brand and message. Think of your YouTube channel as an extension of your website; therefore, it should closely resemble the look and feel of your website and other business materials.

Include information in your profile that describes the type of content that can be found in your channel and website. Further, make sure that you link to your website and include your contact information outside of YouTube. Further, make it known in your profile that you would like users to add comments, rate, share, add video responses and to subscribe to your channel.

When adding video content to your channel, make sure that each video has a clear message and is not obscure and confusing. Keep your content fresh and upload a steady supply of 1 to 2 new videos per week on the same schedule so your subscribers know when to expect new content. Further, update the featured videos frequently. You have the opportunity to feature nine videos on your channel and can control the order and placement of your featured videos. Further, use the playlist feature as a way to organize your videos. Building out playlists by subject matter will help users and subscribers find videos that they are looking for as well as expose them to content that they might not otherwise see.

Also, pay attention to the quality of your videos. YouTube has the capability of displaying videos at a higher quality level. The quality of the uploaded video combined with the individual viewers’ bandwidth will determine if the video is displayed at higher quality. Higher quality video means improved sharpness and visual clarity. The difference is especially noticeable in videos that contain text or fast movement and in full-screen mode. When uploading a video make sure your video resolution is 480 x360 or higher and a frame rate of 24fps (frames per second) or higher.

Each time that you upload a new video, pay specific attention to the types of videos that have done well in the past as well as VSEO (video search engine optimization). Copy the format and subject of videos that have a lot of views, comments and ratings to try to re-create the success. Include specific keywords in the title that people will be searching for in YouTube as well as external search engines. Further, make sure that your description is keyword rich, specific and give credit to participants who appear in the video (same applies to location). This way people who do not know the title of your video can search by the participant’s name or location and your video will come up in the search results. I would also recommend placing your video in the proper, relevant category (contrary to the belief that you can manipulate views by placing your video in a different category). If you are trying to drive traffic from YouTube to your website, include the link to your website at the top of your video description so the link will appear directly below your video title.

Another effective tactic that you can use when uploading new videos to your channel is to use the video annotation feature. Video annotations are a new way that you can add interactive commentary to your videos. You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear. The annotations appear like pop up word balloons (text boxes) as well as onscreen overlays. You can even link from an annotation to another YouTube video, channel, or search result. Annotations are effective in keeping users engaged by linking to your other videos and channels so that they stay focused on your content.

After you have tweaked your channel design, message, organization, video frequency, video SEO and site links, you are ready to increase your subscriber base. The key to successful marketing in YouTube is a large subscriber base. Subscribers will serve as evangelists for your content and they validate your purpose. They increase your view count, rate your videos, comment, add you to their favorites, share with their friends and ultimately increase traffic and exposure to your website/brand. In addition, content submitted by a channel with higher subscriber and friend counts is given more weight when it comes to video rank and popularity.

YouTube has built their engine in a way so that subscribers have to be earned. In order to ask someone to subscribe to your channel, you first have to invite them to become a friend. Once they have accepted your friend invitation, then you can invite them to subscribe to your channel. The key is to invite as many people as possible to become friends. To find these potential friends, stick to the popular channels; these people tend to be the most active on YouTube.

Further, participating in the groups feature is another great way to find friends and increase exposure. Joining groups is an effective way to get in front of people who are interested in certain subjects and ideas, which ultimately can lead to more friends and subscribers. It is also very easy to create a new group in YouTube to attract like-minded users. If you create a new group, make sure it is open and an invitation is not required to subscribe.

Now that you have added as many friends as possible, you can begin to use the share feature. The share feature allows you to notify subscribers and friends each time a new video is uploaded. This share functionality is very handy because it allows you to target specific groups (think marketing silos). For example, you can share with subscribers, friends and people who have received a friend invitation but have not yet accepted or subscribed.

Another feature that is useful once you build your friend base is the bulletin feature. Bulletins are used to broadcast messages and once posted, messages are sent out to all channel contacts. Your contact list includes other users on the site to whom you’re linked through friend invitations as well as the emails of friends which whom you’ve shared videos. You can also create special contact lists by using a label to describe the common theme of that list. You can then place specific contacts into different contact lists and send messages to multiple friends at once.

Because of YouTube’s relevance in the online video space, friends and subscribers should be communicated to on a regular basis. Whether it is through a bulletin, sharing new videos or direct communication, treat these contacts like they are an important part of your business. Remember to respect their privacy and treat them in a similar fashion to your opt-in email list. Remember people who subscribe to your channel are interested in your videos but not your spam so walk a fine line.

If you are using YouTube as a way to drive traffic to your website to increase sales volume, think about the extra steps that you might need to implement on your site to convert YouTube visitors to sales. Whether it is landing pages, a customized message, pricing or any other strategy that will help convert visitors to paying customers, it is worthwhile to test, test, and test until you get it right.

Next I will outline specific tactics that you can implement to increase activity within your channel and your videos. Being an active participant in the YouTube community will go a long way. Networking can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being relevant or not. Earlier I mentioned participating in groups and this definitely falls into the networking category. Here are some additional networking tactics that are worthwhile to implement:

o Search for popular videos that are relevant to your area of expertise and post video responses. Video responses are not widely used and there is a strong possibility that your video response will end up high in the results. The key to remember is that your video can only be used as a response once.

o You can also post video responses to your own videos.

o Watch other people’s videos and comment on them. Keep your comments brief, respectful and on topic.

o You can also comment on your own videos to get the conversation going.

o Mark other user videos as your favorites. This will more than likely get their attention and show that you are participating in the YouTube community.

o Take part in the contests that are running on YouTube. This is another great way to get your content and channel noticed.

o Add your most popular YouTube videos to video search engines and video distribution sites.

o Promote your YouTube channel on your other online outlets such as your blog, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

YouTube is a factor to be reckoned with; the statistic most telling is the fact that 10 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you implement all or some of the above outlined strategies, you will most definitely see an uptick in your YouTube channel results. Like any other organically grown marketing strategy, it takes time and patience before you see measurable results. Hang in there and know that this is a process that is worthwhile and will pay off in the long run.

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Network Marketing Tutorial – Learn the 4 Personality Types

If you’re not having a ton of fun with your Network Marketing business, this information about how to become a master of the 4 Personality Types is just for you.

Theories of Personality Types

Theories about the Personality Types have been around since Hippocrates. You might have heard them by other terms: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholy, and Choleric or Expressive, Amiable, Analytical, and Driver.

I’m going to teach them to you in a simple and fun way that I learned from my Mentors, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy. Never again, will you be bored when around people. The 4 Personality Types by Colors are:

BLUE — think Snoopy of Peanuts
YELLOW — think Charlie Brown of Peanuts
GREEN — think Linus of Peanuts
RED — think Lucy of Peanuts
To make Colors easier to understand, I will exaggerate a bit. Most people will be a combination of Colors, with one being their predominant Color. Also, a person might be predominately one Color at home and a different Color at work.
Why the Colors are important for Your Network Marketing Business

I will explain how each Color makes a unique contribution to your team. Ideally, you will want at least one team member from each of the 4 Colors, because each Color has their own strengths and your organization will be stronger as you learn to draw on each others strengths.

Are you thinking, ‘Wait a minute? When I was in school, I was tested. My teachers told me to work on my weak areas.’

Forget that. I’m going to teach you how to teach the members of your organization to work in their strengths. How does that feel?

This system allows people to contribute what they are good at and enjoy doing.

Would you like a good promoter in your organization? You want a BLUE.
Would you like someone who is great at developing tools? You want a GREEN.
Would you like someone who is a great trainer? You want a YELLOW.
Would you like someone who is great at getting results? You want a RED.
This touches on another trait of a strong organization. Robert Kiyosaki says, ‘Success is a Team Sport.’ Highly successful Leaders are not Lone Rangers. They learn to attract and work with a wide variety of people and are great at bringing out the best of others.
Draw a Diagram of the Colors

Take a sheet of paper. Draw horizontal and vertical lines to make 4 quadrants.

At the top, write Open (Hugger, talks about Family).
At the bottom, write Self-Contained (not Hugger, my Family is none of your business).
At the left, write Indirect (Listener).
At the right, write Direct (Talker).
In the top left quadrant, write YELLOW.
In the top right quadrant, write BLUE.
In the bottom left quadrant, write GREEN.
In the bottom right quadrant, write RED.
Brief Description of the 4 Colors
I’m just going to give a brief description of the 4 Colors here and go into each Color in greater detail in a separate article.

BLUEs are Open and Direct. Their motto is — Let’s have fun.
YELLOWs are Open and Indirect. Their motto is — Let’s be friends.
GREENs are Self–Contained and Indirect. Their motto is — Let’s get the facts and figures.
REDs are Self–Contained and Direct. Their motto is — Let’s get results.
It may be more difficult for you to identify your own Color than someone else’s. That’s not unusual. Don’t worry. It is much more important for you to identify the other person’s Color, because once you’ve identified their Color, I’m going to teach you how to speak their Secret Language.

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Make Your Website Your Best Marketing Tool

There’s a lot of advice from so called experts about the best way to market your website floating around the web. Most advocate starting free blogs and using social bookmarking sites and surfing around commenting on other people’s blogs in order to drive traffic to your own, and then to direct traffic from your blog to your website. But wouldn’t it be more effective and less time consuming to direct traffic to your website? Some of those techniques actually do work, but they only work on a small scale. If you’re a business owner that is thinking big and you want to start racking up some serious website hits you need to go beyond those small business marketing tools and use your resources more effectively.

What is the single most effective marketing tool that you have? It’s your website! Your website tells people about you, and about your products and services. It lets them sign up for more information or make purchases, and gives them information about you. Your website is the most important marketing tool you have, and how are you using it? Are you promoting your website directly or are you wasting time promoting a blog that leads back to your website? You should be focusing all of your efforts on your website if you want to get more internet traffic.

Here are simple things that you can do to make your website work harder for you: Update the content on your website on a regular basis. You don’t need to add new items everyday but you should be adding a few new things at least once a week. That will keep people coming back to your site on a regular basis to see what’s new. People will get tired of a heavy sales pitch really quickly and start surfing right on by your site.

Instead of boring them with the pitch use articles and other information to keep them interested and to give them a reason to come back to the site. Making your site an authority site on a niche topic that happens to sell products or services is a fantastic way to draw internet traffic. Search engine optimize everything. Search engine optimization is an absolute necessity if you want to get thousands or even millions of hits a day. No other type of Internet marketing will ever be as effective or drive as much traffic as search engine optimization will.

If you try to appeal to a broad audience you won’t be very effective. Trying to get your site noticed on the web is much easier when you focus on a small niche and do whatever you can to attract that niche market. Even if you think that niche is too small to give you the success that you’re looking for do it anyway. You might not have a huge local population interested in that niche, but you could find millions of people all over the world searching for that niche online.

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Network Marketing Concept – Part 3

How to develop Teamwork

In order to succeed in Network Marketing, we must develop teamwork. It is one of the most effective MODEL of doing the business, the only different is the METHOD of doing it!


Everybody DO a bit and NOT SELL a bit!
Everybody is responsible for their own scope of work! The Beneficial Results will be high!
In network marketing, we are actually earning the output value from the beneficial results!
We will then achieved Geometric Growth as desired.
Scenario – Instead of you the only one who has to clean the house, get everyone to do it. You are leveraging and dividing the work and tasks accordingly. Not only you will get the job done faster, but the task are handled more effective and professionally done!
The Right Way of Developing Network Marketing
We do not need to recruit so many people! No need to have high qualified people! What we need is a good system in managing, training and educating People! It is not only about selling products. We are selling the business opportunity to people who dare to dream. People who have the desire to change their life and their family. People who what to have a successful life.

What makes a good Manager

It’s good a have a person with good managerial skills but that doesn’t means he or she is a good leader or vice-versa. We must also have a set of rules and regulations to follow – A SYSTEM or an ORGANIZATION. Having a good company, products or compensation plan does not guarantee success. We need a proper SYSTEM or a KNOW HOW. Example is driving a ferrari. We need to learn how to operate it before driving. What we need is a system to adapt.

Mutual Understanding

Help each other to succeed! Execution of common behaviour to succeed and not due to one person control! We need Mutual Benefits & Survivorship to create better future! In order not to focus more on selling products but to achieve a high success rate in growing our business, everyone in a team must have a mutual understanding to work together as a team!

Criteria to look for in a Company to represent

The are several criteria that you have to consider when choosing a network marketing company as your medium to succeed in the business. The most important criteria is the background of the Company that you have chosen! It must be Legal! The compensation plan and operating system must legally meet the direct sales requirement. It is highly recommended that the company is recognized by IDSA and is of International status and Global. The Company must also maintained high level in stability which is not affected by economic crisis i.e. SARS. The Compensation Plan shall be based on Worldwide Sales Volume – one quota. Basically, we should not have too many accounts or memberships in order to maintain our sales volumes outside our local market.

Criteria of Products

Having a good Company won’t be enough if we failed to look at the range of products. Do ensure that the products are of repeated usage, basic necessity, mid-range pricing, the security and safety aspects of the products especially for consuming such as supplements, and not forgetting the compensation plan of the Company.

Compensation Plan

Do our homework and compare the compensation plan with 3 other leading direct selling companies in the world. Please note that the returns cannot commensurate with the efforts we put in! We can provide the same amount of efforts but we can achieve different results. We must remember that we are not earning from our friends or relatives! We are earning from the Network Marketing business! It’s the company that pays us and not the money earned by our downline!

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Improve Your Marketing Efforts With Customer Service

Customer service bridges the gap between your products and potential customers. If your customer service is lacking, your ability to promote your product or service will also suffer. Directly speaking with the consumer is an effective way to have an opportunity to sell that product or idea. Train your marketers properly, and you will make the most of your customer service efforts.

Utilize calls that come into you. Whether your company uses cold calling or not, it is still important to focus on incoming calls as a tool for marketing. The call will be focusing his attention on you while he’s called you, so this is the time to present your newest business offers to him on the line. Concentrate on the specific merchandise that the caller is interested in to improve your opportunities. Beware of the pre-recorded sales spiel, though: If your customer is already angry, he is not going to want to hear about products while on hold.

Teach your employees to be informed sellers. Teaching your customer service reps how to successfully sell your products will improve your marketing efforts. It’s best to let your representatives help to sell your products instead of just ringing up customers or handling phones. Since customer service representatives have the advantage of direct communication with the customer, make sure that they understand the good points about the products and services you offer. Your employees should be trained to recognize whether a caller is interested in a product or service and be able to market the product by discussing its pros and cons. Show your customer service representatives how to ‘up sell’ once they have mastered this. Upselling is where the rep makes a suggestion for a better or more costly item that would suit the buyer. If you use a little pressure and a lot of professionalism, this kind of direct marketing is a sure bet.

It’s of the utmost importance that you have a friendly customer service staff. The best way to retain customers is by making them feel respected by every member of your team. The service you provide needs to be friendly and flexible. Work through any problems with the customer to ensure that he remains happy. You can be sure that one satisfied customer will talk to five other people about the positive experience he had with your company. This is the best kind of marketing available to you. The key to successful marketing is ensuring that your customer service associates are well-versed in treating a customer in the manner in which he would expect to be treated.

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